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Dev: Nguyễn Thế Việt
Artist & Game Design: Lê Đình Bách
Game Design & Sound Design: Trần Anh Đức

Story: In an average town, in an equally ordinary salon, there is a barber who enjoys listening to music while doing his favorite job: shaving the town's clients. But, when the music is particularly stressful, his flying moments cause the trimmer to not proceed in the proper orbit…

The player's aim is to assist the barber in completing his shaving operation with the maximum possible score while the customer has no skin on his face.


Team Double consists of 4 members in the positions of Game Designer, Coder, and Artist from PTIT

"Root up" depicts how a tree's roots descend down on their own in search of water in order to sustain life and grow.

To play, drag the available fertilizer packets into the run and hit run to execute root development in that procedure so that the roots discover a source of water. When a water source is discovered, the game is over. When the player fails to progress, the roots will re-grow with that progress.


Event Organizing

As a professional event-planning corporation, we've successfully planned and implemented multiple game events that attract hundreds of developers and investors. We've effectively maintained and updated this database, making it 50% easier to reach out for specific events.

Coaching Game Designer, Developer, Marketer, Artist.

A creativity-driven company with six years of experience in developing and publishing gaming products, we've coached and strengthened the skill sets of many budding game enthusiasts through technique guidance, motivation, and positive reinforcement.

Vietnam Game Investment

We drive our business development activities by making direct contact with investors and distributors, preparing monthly strategy team packets for investment meetings, and keeping our investors updated about the growth of our community.

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